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Mar. 4th, 2013 | 10:05 am

Hey all

I'm having trouble crossposting from Wordpress, and not sure at this point if it can be fixed.  I recommend highly that if you want to keep reading my posts, you use a more direct feed, though I will be looking into a different plug in.

In the mean time, this is what you may have missed:

Time Lady in the TARDIS [WHO-50—1978]

Splashdance Silver Rides Again

Mr Stinky, I Presume [Xena Rewatch 4.9-4.11]

Perfections, by Kirstyn McDermott

Galactic Suburbia 76

Friday Links is Calling from the Echo Chamber

Double Launch for A Trifle Dead

Insert Strong Male Protagonist Here

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Friday Links is a Sweetheart of the Galaxy

Feb. 22nd, 2013 | 09:32 am

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560005_551803044852603_629319212_nCongratulations to all Nebula nominees, and a big extra special CONGRATULATIONS to Margo Lanagan for being part of the inaugural Stella Prize longlist with Sea Hearts.

(Cough, and apparently the high number of women and people of colour on the Nebula list is a cause for alarm for some commenters over at SF Signal… yes, really)

The ongoing coverage, tweets and especially leaked images from the filming of An Adventure in Space and Time is bringing me nothing but joy. Normally I avoid set photos of Doctor Who because I’m all about the finished product, but this is different. Behind the scenes shots of a show about behind the scenes shots has allowed me to see fragments of Daleks recreating famous 1960′s ‘invasion of London shots,’ William Hartnell in a park with his family, Ian, Barbara and Susan on the TARDIS interior set for the first time (the console is green!) and a recreation of Totter’s Lane. It’s like actual time travel is involved.

Did you know it was the anniversary of Mists of Avalon? Neither did I until Bitch Magazine pointed it out, but man that book smacked me between the teeth when I was fourteen or so. Regardless of whether you liked it or not, it was a massively important cultural milestone of the 80′s which caused ripple effects through fantasy, historical fiction, the feminist and pagan communities, and general readers.

At the time I thought it was the longest book I would ever read. Ha!

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Why Leela is for the Women Too [WHO-50—1977]

Feb. 19th, 2013 | 08:43 am

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1977“For the dads” is a phrase that Doctor Who fans of a certain age tend to hear repeated over and over by production crew, actors and fans alike when talking about the 1977 introduction of Leela (Louise Jamieson), the ‘primitive’ companion who wore strips of leather, hunted Sontarans with a throw knife, and was generally as a rare example (along with Peri and her leotards) of the show actually intending glimpses of sexuality to peep through the family-friendly curtain.

Actually, as we discussed recently on the Verity! Podcast, Leela’s leather outfit might look kinky but is far more practical than most of the mini-skirts that were such a regular feature of the show from 1966 through to… well, the mid 1980’s. (the 1980′s, in fact, seemed to have way more restrictive and uncomfortable looking miniskirts than the 1960′s – what’s with that, fashion?)

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Woohoo! Glitter Party over at Lynne and Michael’s place! BRING GLITTER!

Feb. 16th, 2013 | 02:13 pm

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SFWA Platform – Overseas Regional Director

Feb. 15th, 2013 | 05:01 pm

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I have been asked to post my SFWA platform publicly, for general interest. If you are a member and haven’t been over to the forums for some time, I do recommend you pop by as there has been a lot of crunchy debate and discussion about the direction of the organisation, and all kinds of issues of relevance to today’s (and tomorrow’s) professional SF writers.

For those who aren’t aware, the Science Fiction Writers of America is an organisation which supports and promotes professional SF/F writers (as defined by specific eligibility guidelines) and provides various resources including advocacy in the case of grievances against publishers, an emergency medical fund, the Writer Beware blog, and general community. The discussion forums (in which most of the election discussion takes place) are closed to members, though other resources such as Writer Beware are pen to all.

The role I’m applying for would be to stand as Board representative to the members of SFWA who live outside North America. Yes, all of them! The position is currently held by the awesome Sean Williams, who is stepping down at this election and has been very supportive of me volunteering to follow in his footsteps. I’m currently the only person running for this particular position.

If you are an active member, then as Jim C Hines said recently, you don’t have to vote for me but please vote!

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Friday Links is Throwing Confetti

Feb. 15th, 2013 | 10:10 am

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x2_10e38600Congratulations to Erika Ensign (@hollygodarkly) & Steven Schapansky (@legopolis) who are in LA for the Gallifrey One convention and just announced they got married! Complete with a Lego re-enactment for those who weren’t there… adorable, guys.

(I love how many cute couples there are in Doctor Who fandom)

In other news, I spent a week tweeting as @WeTasmania. You can check out my week via Storify, the application that makes Twitter a little bit more archivable.

I also announced that I was running for Overseas Regional Director in the SFWA, which isn’t linkable because the election stuff pretty much all happens in closed forums. If you are a member of SFWA I’d really appreciate you checking out my platform statement and voting in the elections this year.

But what has everyone else been talking about this week?

Speaking of Erika, there’s a new episode of Verity out this week, discussing the Ninth Doctor – and which story most represents his brief run in the role. I really enjoyed listening to this one, and the strong debate as to whether the Doctor can ever be sexual or a romantic hero, what the Ninth Doctor’s relationship with Rose really was, and why it took a space station and/or a Dalek to convince us that the Doctor really, really was back this time.

My favourite Doctor Who thing this week was however this post about the Other Eleven Doctors, which posits an alternate history in which the Doctor was always a woman. The choices for the old Doctors in particular made me squee, as my knowledge of obscure British film came to the fore, and I love the way this was presented as a continuum and fully fledged history, from Joyce Grenfell all the way through to Miranda Hart. Inspector Spacetime, eat your heart out! (I’ve actually said that twice this week, the other time being while explaining the Doctor Whooves fandom phenomemon on Twitter)

I fell in love with this Cracked post on Six Ridiculous Myths about The Middle Ages That Everyone Believes. Ah, everyone, you are responsible for so much misinformation.

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The Galactic Suburbia Award 2012

Feb. 14th, 2013 | 10:19 pm

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One of my favourite things about the Galactic Suburbia Award is the morning after the podcast has been published, when I get to wake up and see people squeeing on Twitter, especially those who discovered that they were honoured on the short list (or indeed, won) by listening to the podcast ‘as live.’ Also the general bafflement of other nominees as people start congratulating them and they don’t know why. Ah, the simple pleasures in life.

For those who don’t want to listen to an hour long podcast to get the info, though, here is the winner and shortlist of the Galactic Suburbia Award 2012 (aka the pixel-stained suffragette). In the manner of the Tiptree award, we announced the winner first, and then followed up with the shortlist.

galactic suburbia award

for activism and/ or communication that advances the feminist
conversation in the field of speculative fiction in 2012.

Listen to the podcast discussing the winner and list.

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Watching New Who: Partners in Crime

Feb. 14th, 2013 | 09:51 am

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David is coming to New Who for the first time, having loved Classic Who as a kid. Tehani is a recent convert, and ploughed through Seasons 1 to 6 (so far) in just a few weeks after becoming addicted thanks to Matt Smith – she’s rewatching to keep up with David! Tansy is the expert in the team, with a history in Doctor Who fandom that goes WAY back, and a passion for Doctor Who that inspires us all. We’re also joined today by guest viewer Lynne M. Thomas, co-editor of the Hugo-winning book Chicks Dig Time Lords and co-creator of the new Doctor Who podcast Verity! Lynne gives Tansy a run for her money when it comes to Doctor Who expertise and we welcome her to our review!

We are working our way through New Who, using season openers and closers, and Hugo shortlisted episodes, and sometimes a couple of extra episodes we love as our blogging points. Just for fun!

PiC4“Partners in Crime” – S04E01
The Doctor – David Tennant
Donna Noble – Catherine Tate

So, obviously the big news with this episode is the return of Donna, and I for one was thrilled. I really enjoyed her character in this episode, more so than in “The Runaway Bride”, to be honest. She seemed to have a bit more depth to her this time around, and I quite liked the idea of her as the enterprising journalist, sneaking around and gathering information.

I love Donna so much! She’s brash and ditzy but really smart and deeply passionate and grounded, under the ditz and show! I’ve rewatched this episode a bunch of times though, and still keep seeing Donna’s desperate search for aliens as just that – a bit desperate, as if she’s realised what she let go when she chose not to go with the Doctor, and will do anything to get it back. Not from a romantic or lost (potential) love point of view or anything, but it’s just, well, desperate! It’s one of the sour notes of this episode for me, but there’s so much else I loved :) Particularly – DONNA’S BACK!

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Galactic Suburbia 75: the second Galactic Suburbia Award edition!

Feb. 13th, 2013 | 07:03 pm

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galactic suburbia awardIn which we reveal the winner & shortlist of the Galactic Suburbia Award for activism and/ or communication that advances the feminist conversation in the field of speculative fiction in 2012.

Hugo Nominations close on Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chronos Awards also open:

Stranger with My Face Women in Horror Film Festival – 7-10 March in Hobart, Tasmania

Glitter and Madness Kickstarter – last days to support this anthology project!

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Glitter & Madness Author Q&A – Tansy Rayner Roberts

Feb. 13th, 2013 | 09:19 am

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7fb9293e776a1737656562f9e513ec0dThe Glitter & Madness Kickstarter is now past $9,000 and gaining steam! This also means that two vids have been released: the Scary and the Swank. Check them out!

Lynne, Michael & John have asked the authors attached to this project to do a little Q&A to talk about what they have written for the book. Here’s mine:

1. What about the theme drew you to the anthology?

Rollerskates! Glamour! I’ve been a teeny bit wild about roller derby since I read Derby Girl by Shauna Cross (the book that was turned into the awesome Whip It! movie) and this anthology just sounded so exciting to be part of.

2. We’re often told to write what we know. Did you draw your G&M story from your own nightlife experiences?

I was totally at a private party at a club on Saturday night, dressed as Batgirl, and watching Iron Man dance up a storm with Poison Ivy… though for full disclosure I feel I have to admit that most of the people at said party were 30 and 40 somethings telling each other that ‘we don’t get out much these days since the kids.’

It was still pretty awesome, though, and we had superhero cocktails. “The Fury” was a most excellent concoction. Also this is where I discovered that Long Island Iced Tea has no tea in it.

photo-main3. What’s your favorite way to make life more glittery?

Killer playlists! Everything is glitter when there’s a solid soundtrack going. I’m just getting back into using music when I write, something I learned back in my early nanowrimo days, and it makes the typing so much more fun!

Also, I have to say, don’t discount the usefulness of actual glitter.

4. If you had to create a cocktail that reflected your story, what would it be?
Is there some way to add vodka to an icecream sundae? Oh, how about the ‘Crash Course’ – you take a pina colada and keep adding lemon sherbert until it explodes. THAT.

5. If you knew you were up for a surreal evening, what and whom do you bring with you, and why?

My iPhone for documentation and communication, a pair of comfortable shoes, and Wonder Woman. Unless the evening is zombie themed in which case I would take a handbag full of carnivorous plants.

The Glitter and Madness Kickstarter closes in a few days – if the anthology sounds like something you want to read, and you haven’t backed it yet, please consider doing so!

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