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Mama Writer, Week Eight

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Oct. 4th, 2009 | 04:56 pm

Still a mother.
Still a writer.

This week, I:

*hit the 100K mark on the novel

*hated my novel

*had my first solo day at home with baby, after waving my honey off to work after his extended cocktail of not-paternity-but-everything-else-leave

*had my second and third of the above.

*changed a lot of nappies

*fell in love with my novel again

*spent a lot of time writing while joggling lovely baby rocker with foot (kicky music helps with this supermama skill)

*learned that when I go to the shops I DO have to use baby pouch or stroller even if just nipping in for a few things. Cos baby is now HEAVY.

*did some other things, which I would remember now but can't, cos brain is all foggy


*finished major (hopefully last) copyedit for Cafe La Femme, that rather long-awaited chicklit crime novel of mine.

*read and reviewed lotsa short stories for LSS.

*read a lot of Gossip Girl books

I would type more but my baby is trying to chew her way into my bra which I am taking as a major hint.

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